Sky Falls Sekaror that called Sekar Langit Water Fall is one of tourism place in Magelang. Complete address located in the village sky Sekar Tlogorejo, Grabag district, Magelang regency, is a waterfall on the slopes of the mountain with a height of Andong and Telomoyo waterfall about 25 meters. Its about 15 Km from Magelang city.

Armed with information from a person’s story, we went to Magelang, which is currently the main road has been widened so that a shorter trip. From the intersection Secang, we take the road straight through the Gaza-Ambarawa Secang then turn right toward the Grabag.

Location tourist area located at the corner ramp with a small road signs are almost out of our eye observations. Fortunately we know the sign I was and turned toward the parking area that is still hardened textured soils.

Here Sekar Langit Maps from Borobudur
A = Sekar Langit
B = Borobudur

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