Have you go to Mendut Temple? If you come to Magelang, beside you visit Borobudur temple you can also visit another temple like Mendut Temple. The location near from Borobudur Temple its about 2,87 Km. Complete location in Mendut Village sub district Mungkid, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Mendut Temple is the older temple than Borobudur Temple. There are stories for children on its walls. It is located 1 km to the east of Pawon temple. There are magnificent statues of Buddha inside the temples. For Waisak ceremony, the offering and the praying start in this temple.

Mendut Temple is frequently used to celebrate the Waisak day every May full moon and the pilgrims from Indonesia and all parts of the world come to this ceremony. Its architecture is square, and have an entrance on its steps. Its roof is also square and terraced. There are stupas (= bell-shaped structures) on it.

Here to go to Mendut Temple from Borobudur Temple
A = Pawon Temple
B = Borobudur Temple
C = Mendut Temple

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