Borobudur is biggest temple in Indonesia. The location at Magelang, Central Java.

Borobudur - the mountain of the virtues - is first a landscape, the landscape which, over a thousand years ago, met the eyes of those who came on pilgrimage here to seek the inner peace to which all believers in the Buddha aspire.

It has hardly changed. In the distance, two volcanoes; one evermenacing,
glows red in the night. All around, in the middle distance, a ring of mountains of dark stone, with crests of strange, sometimes almost human, shape. Built of this same volcanic stone, Borobudur emerges from a delicate green background of tropical vegetation. The external monument has often been described: ‘four square terraces surmounted by three circular terraces bearing seventy-two stupas and as many statues of Buddha, all dominated by a great central stupa. Dr. Soekmono describes it with the emotion of an Indonesian and the science of an archeologist.

Chandi Borobudur has no inner space, no place where devotees could worship. Most likely it is a place of pilgrimage, where Buddhists can seek after the Highest Wisdom. The passages all around the edifice, successively mounting to the uppermost terraces, are evidently meant for ritual circumambulations. Guided and instructed by the narrative reliefs, the pilgrim proceeds from one terrace to another in silent contemplation.

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